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Visiting Essex

If you are looking for a day out or spending the weekend in the beautiful Essex countryside then why not visit Landfill Tawny.      Landfill Tawny has so much to offer visitors. Located on the B1479584 it’s just a short trip from Chelmsford. Landfill Tawny has all the rustic charm of a typical English village. Enjoy the slower pace of life, relax and enjoy the attractions.



The Roast Swan

The Roast Swan public house is a must. Situated at the end of the village and just a stones throw from the local travellers site. The Roast Swan specialises in good food. Everything on the menu is home cooked and all the meals use traditional local recipes. Why not try the specialities like, badger pie or the famous hedgehog hamper.

Landfill Tawney nature trail

After a meal you may fancy a walk. If so then we would recommend a visit to the Landfill Tawny nature trail. This picturesque vista has been completely re-landscaped by volunteers from the local traveller’s site. Visitors are invited to take a notebook and list all the wildlife they see. Recent years have seen an alarming drop in badger and hedgehog numbers. This is possibly due to global warming and climate change.

Tourist Information

The Landfill Tawny tourist information office has a host of useful information about our beautiful village and is now open 24 hours. It is likely to stay that way until the stolen door has been replaced.  

Take a leaflet or two and go off exploring for the day. Groups of ten or more are safest.

Landfill Tawny's World Famous Boot Sale

The spring is here already, that means the start of the Landfill Tawny boot sale. Been mugged or burgled lately? Then come along on Sunday morning and buy your property back. Perhaps you want to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster and are too tight to go to the pictures, or maybe the movie’s not even out yet. Don’t worry; at our boot sales you can buy a moody copy of the latest films for under a fiver. Pitches start from only £9.00. Secured parking is provided at £3.50 per car or park for free on the adjoining traveller's site. Gates open 07:30 Phone Landfill Tawny 37652 to book a pitch. As featured on BBC’s Crime Watch

Holiday caravans

If like most people you find yourself totally enchanted by Landfill Tawny and feel that one day is not enough, don’t worry. For a very reasonable price you can stay in one of our luxury caravans for a whole week. Plenty of time to discover what many now consider as “The jewel of Essex