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Pink Floyd exclusive. New LP "A hole in the sky"

The Essex Herald is delighted to have the exclusive on Pink Floyds latest album,  “A hole in the sky”.

Although it’s a new release it was actually recorded in 1971.  The project was shelved because of artistic differences, change in band line up and two different producers etc.  It was recorded in the Take2 studios in Schit Street, Landfill Tawny (now a Tesco local).   Recently the original recording was rediscovered and the band thought it would be a good time to release it.  Unusually it is only going to be issued on vinyl, that means you cannot download it digitally for your mp3 player.  They say that as it was originally meant to be released on vinyl it seemed the obvious choice. 

We spoke to Dave Gilmour and asked him how he thought the album fitted in with the other Pink Floyd works.  He said he had not heard the album since it was recorded and had more or less forgotten about it.  He also said how surprised he was on hearing it again just how much it seemed to influence some of Floyd’s later works.  

As this LP was produced locally, not only do we get the story first but are also pleased to say that the artwork for the LP was also made here in Landfill Tawny. The picture (see below) was taken from inside the old tin mine next to Landfill Tawny railway sidings.

Front Cover

Back Cover

As this LP will only be available in vinyl it is unlikely to hit the charts and will probably only appeal to the staunchest of Pink Floyd fans. If you are one of these then dust off your record player and give your ears a treat.

Exact release date is still to be announced. See the usual Pink Floyd fan sites or Amazon for further information.

Just as a taster we have an edited highlight below Pink Floyd2 hole in the sky.mp3