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Church tower collapse leaves one dead

The Essex village of Landfill Tawny was rocked by tragedy today when the tower of the Holy Trinity church fell inwards. It happened whilst the Landfill Tawny campanology society were holding their weekly training session. One person was killed and three more were treated for shock. It took relatives over five hours to decide upon the identity of the deceased woman, Caroline Clapper (58). One man said, “I looked at her for ages and thought, if it’s not my wife she’s certainly a dead ringer”



Picture and article by Stanley Scoop

In other news

Plans for the Landfill Tawny redevelopment zone were finally passed today. Building was halted when local woman Caroline Clapper raised an objection with the borough council. Mrs Clapper was given seven days to file a legal challenge but failed to meet the deadline. Site director Trevor Conworthy said, “I am glad that the building work could now continue. I love Landfill Tawny and would never do anything to blight it. The 56 thousand luxury new homes are badly needed by the villagers”.


Mr Conworthy is a supporter of the local church and recently modified the bell tower free of charge.