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Danger UXB at Wallasea Island RSPB

A shocking new report

Work has started on the Wallasea Island RSPB nature reserve amid controversy over WW II unexploded bombs being dumped on the site.

Ship loads of excavated earth from the London Crossrail project are being delivered daily to the RSPB site at Wallasea. The earth comes from directly under London City centre, an area notorious for unexploded Luftwaffe bombs.

We spoke to local Lib-Dem councillor Anthony Schmitt who told us; “There was absolutely no danger of coming across any bombs at the reserve. My wife is a keen bird watcher and she goes there all the time”. We showed him the pictures we took at the site to which he said; “They are only small bombs. Provided the public visiting the nature reserve took reasonable precautions, i.e., (staying at least 1000 metres away from any such devices) that the public would not be in any danger”. He also recommended that people with metal detectors should stay well clear of the area.

It has been estimated that as many as five bombs per day are being dumped at Wallasea. To make matters worse The Essex Herald using secret night vision cameras found that 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) are now fly tipping on the site. In a statement, base commander colonel Frank Sanders said. “Disposing of military ordinance is very expensive. A controlled detonation of a single bomb costs  over £30,000. Wallasea Island gives us a unique opportunity to cut costs. We owe it to the tax payer”.

A Danger to the public ?

The pictures below are just a small sample of what we found on the nature reserve. Shortly after taking these shocking pictures our reporter was ejected from the site and a large bulldozer covered them with earth. “Out of sight out of mind”


First pictures. An Essex Herald exclusive

Caught in the act, our secret night-vision camera clearly picks out soldiers from 33 Engineer Regiment fly tipping a huge UXB at Wallasea Island nature reserve

The future of bird watching at Wallasea

The wife of Councillor Anthony Schmitt, Mrs Schmitt, sports her new Wallasea Island bird watching outfit. This is the only one recommended by the RSPB for bird watching in the area


We at The Essex Herald like to remain philosophical about such pending disasters. As my old East London grandad used to say, “A bomb or bullet can’t kill you unless it has your name on it”. Wise words indeed. Unfortunately for him his next door neighbours were called Mr and Mrs Doodlebug.